Risk Management

As Health Care costs continue to escalate, plan sponsors are looking for non-traditional avenues to contain costs, regain pricing power, and provide high quality healthcare to their employees.

Sabal Benefits aids our clients in the move beyond the fully insured healthcare contracts provided through the big 5 carriers.

We have helped our clients’ move all along the risk spectrum, finding a customized solution that is right for them based on their risk tolerance and capabilities. Sabal Benefits provides consultancy services to help our clients assess the risks of Minimum Premium and Self-Insured contracts, but also the analysis to correctly set Stop Loss insurance levels. We are able to assist our clients in finding the best TPA arrangement to administer claims. Sabal Benefits is versed in customizing and modifying plan documents to operate outside of the traditional network based arrangements. We have developed plan documents and designs to include items such as medical tourism, Cost Plus arrangements, and restricted provider groups for certain large cost conditions.

Sabal Benefits also has access to stop loss captives where the cost of reinsurance can be dramatically reduced.

While these options might not be right for all clients, the analysis needs to be done, and Sabal Benefits is the premier resource to provide your team with the answers.