Claims Advocacy

Employee interaction with the healthcare apparatus causes complications. Claims and reimbursements among the medical providers, the insurance companies, and your employees is not a clear cut process. . It is not uncommon for a typical two day hospital stay to generate 5 to 7 separate bills for your employee to sort through.

Meanwhile, you need your employees to be focused, energized, and productive when they are at work.

Dealing with the myriad of stakeholders to get their claims (or those of a loved one) straight erodes their productivity.

Sabal Benefit’s dedicated claim advocacy team is there to take on the challenge and earn your loyalty. We help our clients’ employees not just with sorting and understanding their bills, but fighting on their behalf with the miss-adjudicated claims, erroneous bills, and negotiating with the doctors and facilities to ensure your employees are receiving the most value their healthcare premiums buy.

Sabal Benefits has the knowledge, proactive monitoring and dogged follow up to fight for your employees and get them back to their most productive.