HRIS Consulting & Implementation

Technological Solutions in the HR space have always been complicated endeavors to implement. Legacy systems at carriers make seamless connections with customers difficult. The diversity in plan offerings and administration have made off the shelf products either too cumbersome or too limited to allow businesses to manage their employee benefit programs as desired.

Most of the issues still persist today. However, the increased reporting that is required of plan sponsors under the ACA, as well as a quest for operational efficiency is driving clients to assess the viability of HRIS systems within their organizations.

Sabal Benefits works with our clients to develop a systematic approach to choosing and implementing HRIS Systems. We start with creating a baseline document. This document details everything the client would like to be able to track and manage electronically. We discuss the current administration of the EB program, and how we see that changing with the introduction of an HRIS system. We develop hypothetical work flows using the system- taking your management from “exception” based to rules based administration. This document also discuss the complexities inherent in all employee benefit programs. This document surveys the administrative complexities and how they will translate into a more digital solution.

Sabal Benefits then converts this document into and RFP that is submitted to our preferred technology network.

The vendor proposals are analyzed and finalists are chosen to present their solution to the tech committee formed by the client. The vendors are required to discuss the pros and cons of their system relative to the RFP. We understand that there is not a technological solution that exists that is going to be able to answer all of the client’s needs. We do want to make a good match from the outset, as this is usually a long term investment on both parties.

Once a vendor is selected, Sabal Benefits assists with the project management of the installation. We excel at coordinating all vendors that need to be involved in the project, and making sure the timelines and expected milestones and deliverables are clearly communicated to all stakeholders.

Upon successful implementation, Sabal is there to assist with problems as they arise.

Sabal involvement and rigorous approach eliminates the slap dash “garbage in/ garbage out” implementations so common over the last decade.