Data Analytics

Medical insurance data for too long has been shrouded in secrecy by the health insurance carriers. They have protected data created and based on your employees’ usage, claiming it is proprietary and a trade secret.

All the while they ask you, the plan sponsor and fiduciary to make a business critical decision with limited and incomplete data.

Sabal Benefits has taken steps to bring unparalleled access to our customer’s data. By offering access to sophisticated data warehousing and predictive modeling algorithms, Sabal Benefits clients can enter the world of big data and harness powerful tools to study healthcare plan data and make actuarial models to predict the real world effects of the plan changes on usage and claims.

Predictive modeling helps our clients find potentially burdensome medical conditions before they cost your plan hard dollars. Early intervention through comprehensive disease management programs have been shown to be the largest reductive lever plan sponsors can utilize. Coupling the two together can save upwards of 35% in chronic claims.

Let Sabal Benefits move your plan to the 21st century by harnessing your data and implementing pro-active disease management protocols.